Beverages & Deserts


Bottled Water 3.25

Coke, Diet Coke, 7-UP 3.25

Lemonade, Passion Berry Iced Tea 3.25

Thai Tea 3.75

Perrier Sparkling Water 3.75


A Pot of Tea

White Tea 3.50
Is made from the leaves of the very tip of the tea plants. Iike green tea, white tea is only lightly oxidized.

Jasmine Tea 3.50
Is a tea scented with Jasmine blossoms. The base of our Jasmine tea is green tea.

Dragonwell Tea 3.50
Is a high-quality green tea from a particular region in China, near Shanghai.

Rose Blossom Tea 3.50
Is green tea scented with rose petals and buds

Iron Goddess Tea 3.50
Is a premium quality oolong tea that originated from the coastal mountain region of southeast China.



Chocolate Almond Cookies (2) 3.25

Sesame Balls (2) 5.25
Savory buns stuffed with sweet red bean paste.